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Welcome to my personal homepage. You can read about my interest, work, etc.. I hope you'll find something usefull.


Note: links with a "Soon" in front of them does not work yet, but they will soon.

  1. My curriculum vitae..
  2. Dungeons & Dragons. A list of players and characters.
  3. Nefrurantes' Diaries. Nefrurantes is the character I play in a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. (Note: the diaries are only available in danish, sorry!)
  4. Soon - CygWin32, how to get a UNIX environment on a Windows NT/95 PC.
  5. Linux m68k, installation of RedHat 5.0 linux on an Amiga.
  6. Xmas Party 1998, see how much weight the the D&D players gained at the yearly Xmas party.
  7. Pictures from Xmas Party 1998, see how much fun we had.
  8. Pictures from Xmas Party 1999, see how much fun we had.

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